Father's Nature's Windchime with Sail


WINDCHIME, SAIL AND EASEL DISPLAYED - What better way to honor the memory of Dad than with this windchime sail This sail of this personalized memorial wind chime is printed with a serene nature scene and Ron Tranmer's poem "Father's Goodbye". A wonderful way to remember him every time the wind blows and the chime plays its tune. The poem on the front reads

A Father’s Goodbye

Bless my children Lord above, 
wrap them in Thy tender love.
Keep them safe and free from harm, 
until once again they’re in my arms.
My sweet children, I’ll miss you so.
I’m sorry that I had to go.
The greatest blessings I ever had
was being able to be your dad.
I’m now at peace, my pain is gone.
I woke up to a brand new dawn.
Throughout your lives in all you do,
remember forever, I’ll love you!
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